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When we cultivate devotional remembrance of Krishna and render affectionate service to him, then we feast on a happiness that goes far beyond bodily sensations. The more we experience this happiness, the more we can truly love everyone — not for the bodily sensations that they provide us, but for who they actually are: beloved parts of Krishna eternally related to us in his spiritual family. In this way the self-realized person enjoys unlimited happiness, for he concentrates on the Supreme.

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Watch YouTube Video. Your email address will not be published. If you purchase at Amazon. Happiness through a perpetual tickling machine? Posted on Jun 18, in Chapter 05, Text 21 0 comments When children are tickled, they start laughing.

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Perpetual Motion Machines — Real Life

A more biblical way to say it would be too blessed in that particular area. The truth however is that God created a principle we see all through the Bible where that margin is created by us being generous from a generous heart. If we wait until we feel we have enough of any of the above resources in our world before we share them we will never be the blessing to this world that God created us to be. While this timing was completely unintentional the parallels are undeniable.

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The two series complement each so well. A great example of how tithing works can be seen in our marriages.

The Perpetual Happiness Machine

The more we sow into our relationships the greater emotional margin created to sow even more back into them. This then becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. For centuries inventors have tried unsuccessfully to invent a machine that produces harvestable energy called a perpetual motion machine a machine that never stops or requires an energy source to keep it going.

This is then a perpetual emotions machine for marriages.

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The mistake people make is to think that because I have been treated badly I will treat you badly in some vain hope that this will improve the situation. This thought is obviously ridiculous yet we have all been there.

PHFAT - Happiness Machines (Complete album)

For us to receive we must first give. Disciples that tithe know that to wait until we have heaps of money lying around before we begin to tithe and give offerings is just as ridiculous any spare money I have is quickly earmarked for something!

It is actually the vacuum created in our finances by what we give that God uses to empower the rest. Christians that tithe regularly have already worked this out. It is the best kept secret in the world!