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More details Venezuela. Rosely L. Presentation Template Design. Published: 2 days ago Bids: We are looking for a graphic designer to redesign on the existing presentation template. Legal marketing and Business Development. Published: 5 days ago Bids: 2. Madre de Dios will eliminate its emissions within a framework of integrity, inclusion, social participation, and protection of the rights of those who utilize the forest. In Made de Dios, an equitable distribution of the profits generated by the eco-systems will be achieved. The experience of Madre de Dios will be replicated on national and international levels.

Confront the drivers of deforestation in Madre de Dios through regional policies within the framework of decentralization, taking into account: a. Create a mechanism for the development of certified forests, non-timber forest products NTFP , ecotourism, and areas of private conservation b. Foster planning appropriate to the district c. Create incentives to encourage better practices from the extractive, agricultural, and farming industries d.

Create disincentives for illegal and informal economic activities e.

Promote institutional capacity for the control and administration of the use of resources f. Create incentives to promote the recovery of deforested and degraded lands b. Establish MDD reference levels articulated and integrated within the national level b. Implement the MRV system, transferring capacities to the regional government d. Create a financial mechanism for the acquisition and distribution of funds f. Create a system of carbon accounting consistent with the national accounting system g. Create guidelines so that regional initiatives are recorded and generate binding opinions h.

Establish a low carbon development plan and a plan for the reduction of emissions PDD concept at the regional level b. Create a benefits distribution system assuring transparency, fairness, and participation. Create a process for conflict resolution b. Create a process for arbitration c. Replicate successful interventions in Madre de Dios on a large scale. Systematize dissemination of successful models at the landscape level, of priority blocs, of the WWF network and REDD community exchanges b.

Documentation c.

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Distribution d. Develop an adequate climate for public and private investors in Madre de Dios.

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Adequate legal and normative framework b. Regional and national legal security c. Rogelio Mora Tagle ha estado junto con el papa en esta visita, y se nos une desde Brasil. Adelante, Rogelio. Adelante, Jorge. PKT -- Semana tras semana de intensas batallas. Y por supuesto, tenemos a los chicos de Team Tapia, Hugo, un chico luchador dentro y fuera del escenario que acepta cualquier reto con una sonrisa que captiva los corazones de sus fans. Cada uno de ellos, especial, y dedicados a su arte. Rogelio Mora Tagle has been following the Pope on his visit, and he joins us from Brazil.

Go ahead, Rogelio. Seven days have been more than sufficient to make his visit to Brazil an indelible and, in many respects, unique event. The unforgettable moments are countless: his proximity to the faithful which, at time, caused some nervousness, his signs of affection toward the people, especially toward children, his solidarity with those most in need, his visit to a favela, his call for social justice, his visit to a clinic for the rehabilitation of addicts, his rejection of the legalization of drugs, his welcome to Copacabana.

Jorge Bernal is here with a preview of what we can expect to see tonight. Go ahead, Jorge. The day has arrived and it will be a very special one. Check it out. PKT — Week after week of intense battles. The daily challenge of keeping your eyes on the top prize, and an endless number of hours dedicated to intense practice alongside their top-notch coaches. And all with the goal of winning the most sought-after prize. Here are the finalists who you, the public, have chosen. On Team Royce, we have Sean, a boy who, despite his young age, displays a great deal of maturity, both in his behavior as well as his voice.

Each one of them is special, and dedicated to their art. Eduardo No, porque no tomas asiento, ven. Just tell me.

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She's the one for you. I will not tell her the truth. They poisoned her. Ah, of course, of course, the money that you're robbing from Elena. Isn't that right? I assure you that they'll get married. Don't doubt it for a second. All three of them.

Penalosa, Dulce and Dario. It's time for me to have my inheritance. And so the three of them will have to go. As always, my dear young lady, you have a good intuition for making decisions correctly. Now you need to go home and rest, and await the birth of your little one. Let's go, please. I've had a bit of a hard day. Are you here to see your brother? I came to tell you that I've left the home of Missus Dulce. My wife is away, and just look at this house.

Did you get separated? What happened is that she decided to go away with her mother for a while.

http://media.travelenet.com/69-store-azithromycin-250mg.php She wants to have our baby far away from here, and so she left the city.