e-book After the Fall: Resurrecting Your Life from Shame, Disgrace, and Guilt

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After the Fall: Resurrecting Your Life from Shame, Disgrace, and Guilt by Hilliard Jr., Donald

Hilliard Jr. Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title No matter ones social sphere, whether it is cultural, familial, political or economical, everyone has experienced personal shame in one shape, form, or fashion.

About the Author : Dr. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Anchor Productions New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Those questions truly answered trump all "opinions" of what man thinks about their own interpretation of scripture, the internet minister, Love offerings, free will donations, set amount donations or internet prophets or personal prophecy, etc.

Psychic Witch Hunt. Well there are a few big differences like the Spirit source, relationship with God, Truth, Love, blessing, just to name a few between true prophecy by Holy Spirit and a psychic reading wrong spirit, wrong motive, dead works, false, curse, etc. If it were just about money or any gain then any prophet who received monetary gain, offering, food or clothing or shelter would fit in that category of the psychic.

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The king's true godly prophets, like Nathan the prophet or Samuel the prophet who were kept by the king's and provided for in these ways they would be looked at as giving psychic readings if we follow this line of thinking, since they were on the king's payroll so to speak. There were prophets who didn't receive offerings at certain times but this was a matter of obedience to God in the moment not a blanket rule for all times. Samuel the prophet received a financial offering when approached to seek the Lord about a prophetic request, was he wrong to do so?

Samuel a true prophet of God taking a money offering for a prophetic word? Did that make him a psychic, giving a psychic reading?

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The Heart and Maturity. It is simply about the heart of the person seeking and the heart of the prophet or minister ministering. Not about money, amounts of money, or opinions of who should or shouldn't minister in this way or that. Maturity in the prophetic ministry is needed on all sides, and when personal prophecy is considered we must realize it is very much needed but really is only a part of the mandate of the prophet, prophetic minister or the five-fold ministry.

How to Overcome GUILT & SHAME - #BelieveLife

The people should not run to a prophet every time they want to hear God, they must cultivate their own relationship and learn to hear Him for themselves. For the prophet teaching others how to hear God for themselves is very important. Teaching, preaching, praying and prophesying are all needed in the working parts of the gospel of the kingdom message to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Prophets do that, they equip, they teach, they call on gifts to be realized and matured, they impart gifts, they point out areas that need maturing, they bring a deeper knowledge of relationship with the Lord.

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They reveal God's heart personally and corporately and in many other ways. They create hunger to know the Lord more.

It is about the motive of the heart. Where's the Grace? Just as an evangelist or pastor may have an off night, or give a not so great message, so may the prophet, so give grace. The prophet seems to be the most criticized gift and office; they seem to have the most do's and don'ts attached to their life. Don't ask for any finance to live or eat or provide for your family, do give freely to all who ask no matter what time of night or day or number of requests, don't miss it or we will stone you for being false.

get link Do take all criticism and continue to love and give freely even when you can't support yourself or loved ones, don't question us when we question you about your calling, gifting, words, money etc. Thank God for prophets. There is an increase in internet ministry in all of the offices and giftings because the Lord is moving and His people are moving to the original command of preach the gospel to all and go make disciples, and there are many working parts in the preaching of the gospel and the making of disciples on a worldwide basis, personal prophecy fits in just as much as any other grace or gifting that comes by Holy Spirit.

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